Oct 292015

Simple-300x225A lot of “experts” will gladly take your hard-won dollars and sell you “powerful” information in the form of books, videos, and seminars, promising to teach you successful selling strategies. But I wonder why if indeed those strategies are so successful they aren’t instead using them to actually sell something, rather than just hawking the strategies? Hmm….

Maybe I’m missing a personal profit opportunity, but I’m going to give you three simple selling strategies for FREE that I guarantee will work. Or your money back. 😉

1) Don’t try to sell something, try to fix something. And what you’re trying to fix is your customer’s problem. The most successful salesperson is sincerely looking out for the best interests of her customer and is trying to match a product or service for them that will make the customer’s life better and/or make their problem go away.

To do that you MUST:

2) Be quiet and listen. Sell by asking questions, not by giving answers – at least not at the beginning. Gather information by paying attention to what your customer is saying. And by what they’re NOT saying.

3) Know your products. If you don’t, you’ll either mismatch the wrong solution or overlook the opportunity for the right one. You should have a natural curiosity about everything your company has to offer. If you don’t – and if you don’t genuinely want to help people – then sales just isn’t your thing.            –RG