Jan 222016


This long-ago learned mantra has served me well throughout the years: radio-station-microphoneEveryone listens to station WIFM…What’s In it For Me?

It seems every sell sheet lists features and benefits but, while important, does anyone really care?

Most people instead want to know what problem it’s solving plus how well and how cost-effectively it will solve it. In other words, what’s in it for the purchaser. They want to know the “real story” about how it relates to them and not a bunch of marketing gobbledygook.

The other aspect is one of personal selling voice. When starting out, a wise man corrected the fact that “I” entered my conversation way too often. In selling, no one really cares about the “I” unless the I is them.

The customer is looking for a benefit when making the purchase where the return exceeds the investment – and is not seeking to simply make a donation to the charity of your pocketbook.

Keep yourself out of the conversation unless using personal relevant experience to relate with the customer (a future topic). Instead keep focused on how the product or service can benefit the prospect. If you do, you’ll find WIFM also broadcasts on its sister station WTTS – What Translates To Sales.