Jan 252016

Try-PuzzleWilling to Try and Able to Buy….

This is the mantra of prospect qualification. If either quality is missing you’ll never make the sale.

A prospect – even one with a LOT of money – who’s unwilling to try your product cannot really be considered a prospect. Instead they’re merely a disinterested party. And it’s very likely if you continue trying to make the sale (which you won’t) you’ll merely irritate the individual and possibly ruin future chances you may have with this person. Instead, you may be able to switch to a different product of greater interest to them. If not, thank them, offer to be of help in some other way, or simply move on and life continues.

Conversely, you may find someone who is so excited about your offering you need to follow them around with a mop to keep the drool off the floor. They may be a great product evangelist, but without the means to afford the product, they’re still not a prospective customer.

However, don’t confuse unwilling with simply a selling challenge. Learn to read the customer. If they’re countering with objections rather than attempting to end the conversation, they’re really asking for more information. It’s your job to supply it.

Also, the person strapped for cash today may be in much better financial shape next time.


Willing to Try, and Able to Buy.