May 262016


Yeah, you’re busy. Join the crowd. We all are. Most of the world is. Deal with it…

But have you considered perhaps a little patient quiet time might actually increase your sales?

Most of us don’t realize it, but we hate the sound of silence, and if we’re questioning a prospect and don’t get an answer within two or three seconds, we’ll usually either rephrase the question or answer it ourselves. This can sabotage your good results by preventing you from gathering key information you’re seeking, making it harder to land the sale. Or even worse potentially portraying you as self-serving rather than advocating the customer’s needs.

As hard as it is, since we’re conditioned otherwise, pretend you’re a rodeo bronc rider and go for the full eight-second ride, giving your prospect the polite silent treatment as you internally count one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand, all the way to eight. Often, people need several seconds to frame their thoughts since they’ve likely never previously considered your question.

You’ll wind up gathering additional  pertinent information and also demonstrate your courtesy and consideration.

If after ten seconds you still don’t have an answer, it’s time to rephrase and re-ask the question a different way.

Learn to be the silent salesman.
At least for a brief moment.
Then get busy again.           –RG