Aug 262016

Bee FlyingSwarming prospects with sales pitches is easy. But real connected selling is much harder, since it involves relationships – even if short-term – with people who universally want to be treated fairly and respectfully just like you do. You’ll never win over a prospect you’ve not allied with. And according to Zig Ziglar, sales requires the highest moral character, perhaps surpassed only by that of a minister.

So let’s buzz over five simple “be’s” to strive for in your relationships with prospects.

  1. Be in it to Win it. And the winning must be a win-win with both seller and buyer profiting from the transaction.
  2. Be Personal. Find out exactly what the prospect needs so you can guide to the appropriate product or service. Don’t waste anyone’s time trying to sell what is unnecessary or undesirable.
  3. Be an Active Listener. Not only is it polite, but this is the way you discover the prospect’s needs, desires, and expectations.
  4. Be the Expert. Prospects come to you because they need information. Have it! Know your products and services. And know how to explain them intelligently and concisely.
  5. Be Beneficial. If you don’t provide value to the customer for their dollar, you become not a salesman, but a huckster. And I know you’re not… –RG


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