Apr 132010


This is quite disturbing on many levels. Although there is a degree of truth to the beliefs of this congregation that God is not pleased with some of the actions of America, they are (hopefully) unknowingly being used as a pawn by the very demonic enemy they would seek to destroy. These unholy actions will only bring further disgrace to a Christian community that is already under fire for the things that other fanatics have done, and it will further separate unbelievers from a God who truly loves them.

A soldier, regardless of his/her sexual orientation, deserves to be honored for their service and sacrifice to this country. A family that is grieving deserves the warm embrace of comfort, not the alienation of turning their very sad time into a social protest. Shame on you, who would claim to be prophets of God, yet act in this way.

While I believe homosexuality is a sin and not the natural order of things, I love gays and lesbians as my brothers and sisters. The sin they commit is no better nor any worse than the sins all of us commit, for all fall short of the perfection of God. But thankfully there is forgiveness. And God teaches us that in order for us to be forgiven we must in turn forgive others. What right do we who are imperfect have to condemn others who are also less than perfect? We are instructed to love all those around us, even those who do wrong to us. And these poor souls have not even wronged you.

Conviction of our actions is the job of the Holy Spirit, not the job those who carry signs, chant absurdities, and point fingers. Remember that when you point, three fingers are pointing back at you.

If there is anyone from this church reading this post, I would call upon you to delve deeper into that book called the Bible and get to know the Jesus that saved my life. He was firm yet kind, and so very quick to forgive. He knew in the holiest of ways that sin was separate from the sinner, and he genuinely loved people. Have you forgotten that Mary Magdalene was cleansed from seven demons? Did you forget that Rahab the harlot, who was in the lineage of Jesus, was embraced as a heroine and through her actions the children of Israel gained a major military advantage in the defeat of Jericho?

Who are you to determine how God will ultimately use people and judge them as damned? Have you led a life so perfect that the angels will throw palm leaves on your path to the heavenly gates? You are in truth being manipulated by a sinister religious spirit. And that is quite dangerous, for the best weapon Satan has is to get people within the Church to believe his lies, act on them, and so corrupt God’s house from within.

As Jesus said when he saved the adultress from death at the hands of self-righteous hypocrites, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

It’s time for true Christians to rise up and win the people of the world with true botherly love, not to push into the pits of hell those who actions we disagree with. Brothers and sisters of Westboro, you must consider 1 Corinthians 13:12, for you are indeed seeing darkly through the glass.