Apr 262016
Why You Are Losing Sales, Part 1

While many reasons contribute to losing a sale, the top reason by far is simply not following the selling process. Like a dancer who doesn’t know the steps looks foolish on the dance floor, a sales person not following this process appears disjointed and unprofessional, loses connection with the prospect, and forfeits the sale. Mike […]

Feb 222016
Can We Agree?

Making the sale ultimately requires the customer’s agreement to the product, price, terms, delivery, payment method, and to you. To get to this ultimate agreement requires a series of smaller agreements along the way that build toward the close of the sale. The sooner in your presentation you start building this pattern of ‘yeses’ the […]

Jan 252016
Willing to Try and Able to Buy….

Willing to Try and Able to Buy…. This is the mantra of prospect qualification. If either quality is missing you’ll never make the sale. A prospect – even one with a LOT of money – who’s unwilling to try your product cannot really be considered a prospect. Instead they’re merely a disinterested party. And it’s […]

Jan 222016
Everyone Listens to Station WIFM….

  This long-ago learned mantra has served me well throughout the years: Everyone listens to station WIFM…What’s In it For Me? It seems every sell sheet lists features and benefits but, while important, does anyone really care? Most people instead want to know what problem it’s solving plus how well and how cost-effectively it will […]

Oct 292015
Simply Selling

A lot of “experts” will gladly take your hard-won dollars and sell you “powerful” information in the form of books, videos, and seminars, promising to teach you successful selling strategies. But I wonder why if indeed those strategies are so successful they aren’t instead using them to actually sell something, rather than just hawking the […]

Jul 302013
One Dish at a Time

I hate washing dishes. Probably because I still associate it with punishment. When I was a kid growing up in Grandma’s house if I did something wrong, that was my penance — get my rebellious little behind into the kitchen, stand in front of the sink, and scrub. Somehow still today I think I must […]