Dec 302010

I’m so happy to see the New Year begin. It’s always been a rather spiritual time for me, symbolizing at a very deep level the passing away of old things and the birth of renewed possibilities. It’s kind of like the “do-over” of childhood – former occurrences are replaced by new opportunities to explore fresh ideas, goals, and prospects.

Whether we succeeded or whether we failed last year means very little. Successes of the past will not for very long carry us forward into our tomorrows, nor will yesterday’s shortcomings prevent us from reaching that beautiful golden ring of the future. The game is officially reset.

So what will you do with the precious and fleeting gift of time that is given to you? That’s the question each of us must answer every moment of every day. For it is these small minute-by-minute choices guided and shaped by our thoughts and innermost desires that eventually determine our destiny.

Your car is packed and the tank’s full of gas. The open road beckons before you, and there are endless destinations. Where will you go? How will you get there? The possibilities are practically limitless. Exciting, isn’t it?

It is for this reason that I love the New Year. The fresh adventure calls us forward to do those marvelous things each are called to do. There is a reason we have all been given the spark of life, and your presence here and now – in this place and time – is most assuredly not an accident, but by the conscious design of something far greater than we.

What will you do to honor this gift and opportunity you are given? Will you leave this earth and the people with whom you share it a better place than when you first arrived? I certainly hope so, for that is the ultimate answer to why each of us are here.

As we begin in the freshness and the youth of this newborn year, please join with me in contemplating your road going forward. The rain will fall, the sun will shine, the grass will grow, and the flowers will bloom. So also will you be given the opportunity to blossom this year into a fragrant and lovely part of this earthly home. Choose the road well, navigate it with strength and courage, with wisdom and understanding, and with joy and peace.

May you prosper in all the good things that you do.

Dec 232009

So what’s up for the New Year? I hope you’re not one of those folks who start making resolutions they’ll never be able to keep. (If you can, great for you – most of us, however, just don’t do so well…)

Resolutions to accomplish more, eat less, be healthier, save money, and maximize your earnings potential start out with the best of intentions, but usually get moved first to the background and wind up out-of-mind as life gets busier. When you finally remember and realize you haven’t gotten there, it’s easy to feel like a loser or a failure. But you’re not. You just used the wrong approach to the problem.

A man I study about who wandered around Israel a couple thousand years ago instructed us to do just two things and everything else would fall into place. Similarly, if you do just this one thing I suggest, then all your resolutions will fall into place without even thinking about them. Just…

…Be deliberate every moment.

Deliberate means “carefully weighing or considering, intentional, careful or slow in deciding, steady in movement and action”. Deliberate is applied to what is done not in haste but with full realization of what one is doing.

If we are deliberate every moment, we will not say harmful words to those we love, sit for hours in front of the TV set, eat that second piece of pie with the extra large scoop of ice cream, smoke, drink, drive too fast, argue with the rude customer, buy it just because it’s on sale, or neglect to help others.

If we are deliberate every moment, we will put out that extra effort, read the book that will benefit us, exercise even when we’re tired, do the job that much better, make the plans we should, eat the salad, work the extra hour, give the compliment, lend the hand, say we’re sorry, and succeed in life.

Isn’t that so much better than a resolution?