Aug 292012

Prophesy is one of the spiritual gifts of the new covenant church, and one that is perhaps not practiced as often as it should be. However, it must be done with proper guidance and caution. The prophesy of the New Testament is NOT the “Thus sayeth the Lord” of the prophets of old, but we’ll discuss that in-depth in a different post. For that reason, I seldom publicly share personal prophecies I receive, but after some things that happened yesterday this is the word I received after prayer this morning. Since God is no respecter of persons, I feel an urgency to share this one because there is perhaps something contained within that may edify, strengthen, and confirm promises to others at a time they really need this. May you be blessed… 

open-armsBe of good heart because I love you and I receive you as My own, yet you feel you are not good enough to be acceptable to Me. But I tell you that in you I am well-pleased. None are perfect in the Earth, but I have not called my children to be perfect – only to be perfected. And you, My son, are being perfected, and I love you.

You fall down often, yet you repent quickly. This is the true mark of My sons and daughters. Do not hold onto the sin, for this will only isolate you from Me. Not because I reject you, but because you reject yourself and then you pull away from Me in shame. Yet I am always willing to draw you near. You think that by repenting many times a week or even many times a day for your failings that it weighs heavy on me, and that I will soon tire of your failures. But this is not so. My holy scriptures say to forgive one another seven times seventy times each day. My beloved, if I can command My people to forgive, how much more can I forgive you? I see your failures and I forgive them as soon as you ask, never thinking of them again, but I see all the more your successes. When you fall am I not always there lifting you back up, setting you upright, and bringing you further up the slope of my holy mountain? Do I not with my own hand dress your mind with the armor and place within your heart the weapon you need for the battles you face? Have I not always been there to guide and protect you in even your most difficult trials?

You have sought My truth and I bless that. So many seek My hand and the promises of what I can do for them. But you have sought My face and have asked earnestly for My truth to be revealed to you, not for what it will gain you in this present world, but because it is indeed truth. You have sought relationship with Me rather than simply My blessings. You have asked to see My people as I see them, to look upon them with My eyes of grace, to hear them with My ears of understanding, and to accept them with My heart of love. Since you have sought My face and My truth, I will also extend my hand to you and grant what you ask and then multiply it exceedingly.

Your gifts will become stronger. You will prophesy My Word to many and will speak with the boldness of a lion, yet with the gentleness of My love. For My truth is sharper than the sharpest sword, and it will cut the sin from any who perceive it, leaving intact the good creature I originally created them to be. You will speak My words of knowledge and My words of wisdom that I place within you with holy authority, for I remember My promise that I will reveal to you the deeper mysteries. You will teach others and through your obedience they will receive My grace and the blessings I have for them. You will speak in yet other tongues, uttering the new words I place in your spirit, and you will know their meaning for you and for My people. It is from these new words that prophecies will arise as you build yourself up in stronger faith. For you have also prayed that your faith will increase greatly, and this thing I will do for you.

You will be witness to miracles that cannot be explained other than by the presence of My hand, and when you speak and touch people they will be healed in mind and in body according to their needs. And when this happens I will heal their spirit and draw them closer to Me. You will be My witness, and your hand will be My hands, and your voice will be My voice.

My son, you have long wandered in the wilderness, but I am now leading you into the land I have promised. To a place of abundance where you will drink the milk of My truth and eat the sweet honey of My blessing and healing. Doors that were shut are now opened and once you pass through the way back to your past is sealed. On the other side new adversaries await from which you have been protected until you have been strengthened to face them. But fear not, mighty man of valor, for I am forever with you, even unto the end of this age and beyond, and never will I leave you nor forsake you. These enemies will be slain by My hand as you face them in My name. These agents of the enemy are defeated by your standing boldly in the knowledge of I AM within you.

Arise, my son, and go forth in the promise that I give to you. Climb up My holy mountain and marvel at the things I am bringing forth in your life.

I love you forever, my son. In you I am well-pleased, and forever you will be in My presence. Your sins are forgiven. And forgotten.