Sep 262016
Human Connection

Human Connection

Whether in life or in business, we share the planet with others. And it’s only through successful personal interaction that we achieve our goals.

And the way to successfully interact with others so that we succeed is quite simple:
Help THEM to succeed.

This approach works in all aspects of life, and it will bolster everything you do. But here’s the secret – it must be genuine. When you esteem others greater than yourself, amazing things begin to happen.

And this is how we should always view our customers. Place their needs above our own. Be a resource they can count on. After all, aren’t they coming to you because of your expertise in solving a problem they need help with?

Provide that assistance kindly and patiently. Make sure they know how important they are to you. Consider them as more than simply a “customer” (i.e. a means to a profit), but consider them as another person of colossal importance. Everyone you come into contact with should be deemed a VIP. For indeed, they are.

Respect and honor never go out of style. And they will foster a connection with people who then want to do business with you. Because these attributes, like common sense, are quite remarkable these days. –RG